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Q What Sets Us Apart from Everyone Else? A. Our Industry Professionals, Expert Analysis, and Risk Management


When a prospect calls to inquire about J&M products whether it’s; Business Funding, Merchant Services, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, or Consolidate Existing Loans, prior to our agents analyzing the scope of a proposal or advise,  we  establish a sense of trust and risk management for quality control.  We understand building a relationship is crucial to feel a sense of confidence during this phase.

Throughout this time of consultation, (for strategic planning) our agents will furthermore ask discovery questions and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) may be put in place depending on products.  Our agents then collect information, data, or financials such as:

•    Reports
•    Profit & Loss Ledgers
•    Balance Sheets
•    Taxes
•    Compare Existing Services, such as rates

All sensitive data is secured through our server for risk management. Our industry professionals then offer a complete analysis or “ala carte’ proposal depending on what you are looking for. In return, with the objective to improve, add-on or solve a simple solution, you can achieve all your business goals through our licensed and skilled professionals.

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